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Deb Cabral is an inspirational speaker who shares her unique story and wide-ranging experiences as a productivity and efficiency coach and organizational expert with audiences of all types and sizes.

Keynote Addresses

Keynotes by Deb Cabral are motivational and upbeat, and focus on achieving success in the workplace by changing habits that get in the way of productive behavior.

With engaging stories and inspiring examples, Deb shows people at every level the benefits of being more productive with time and tasks, getting organized, and finding better ways to manage the ebb and flow of the workday. Deb reaches individuals right where they are, motivating exploration of the organizational inner-self, and inspiring people to take action to be more efficient in all the ways they work.

Annual meetings, corporate retreats and association gatherings are perfect venues for Deb to share her upbeat wisdom and motivational stories. Deb’s speeches help companies and individuals create organizational excellence by changing their thinking and habits from inefficient and disorganized to productive and streamlined.

Breakout Sessions

With an energized pace and positive style, breakout sessions by Deb offer practical tips and helpful instruction for fighting organizational chaos, teaching participants how to use their time more effectively, manage priorities better and be more productive in the workplace.

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