Specialty Services

Adding a Special €œSomething Extra to Corporate Training!

Our customers tell us they are more motivated to change when they’€™ve enjoyed themselves and interacted with each other while learning how to be more productive and efficient at work. DC Efficiency Specialty Services were created just for that reason€“ to add fun to the mix!

DC Efficiency Specialty Services is proud to provide customized, incentive experiences to compliment any training or motivational speaking presentation. Your employees will thank you, your colleagues will be impressed, and most of all, everyone will learn how to be more efficient, productive and organized at the work they do — and they’ll enjoy every minute they spend doing it!

DeClutter Day

Being organized is better! During a DeClutter Day, Deb and her team spend an extended time with your organization, starting with a motivating presentation to teach participants easy ways to reach organizational goals.

Each presentation includes:

  • Benefits of organization
  • What to save, what to toss
  • How to maintain an organized workspace

Then, Deb and the team dives-in with participants in their own workspaces or departments to start the decluttering. Leading the group with hands-on instruction, this fun and efficient approach to helping people make changes in the workplace yields meaningful learning and long-lasting benefits.

Contest incentives: As an added incentive, companies can collaborate with Deb to develop a contest and prizes to really make new workplace habits stick. Examples of prizes provided by the organization are cash, gifts, gift cards, or even time off. Incentives don’€™t have to be big, just tangible.

In The Biggest Loser contest, participants compete to shed unnecessary clutter. It’s a favorite among corporate clients and their employees.