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Course Curriculum

Our course curriculum is divided into the five sections below. Please click on a category to see some of our most popular course offerings or click here to download our training course brochure.

Organizational Effectiveness

From To-Do to DONE! Write a Stellar To-Do List and Get More Done


Do you have so much to do that you don’t know where to start? The most chaotic day can be kept at bay by creating and using an effective To-Do list.

A To-Do list is much more than just jotting things down! In this course, you’ll learn strategies to create an effective To-Do list that will work best for you and your work day and you’ll discover ways to identify your Most Important Tasks (MITs). We’ll provide tips on how to work your list throughout the day to stay on track and get more done! You’ll walk away with an actionable To-Do list that you can start using the very next day. Plus, we’ll share the most important strategies to use to complete your daily To-Do list and finish your workday feeling more successful and less stressed.

Learning objectives:

  • Successfully create a workable, effective To-Do list.
  • Be able to utilize your To-Do list throughout the day to get more done.
  • Effectively find and schedule time in your calendar for To-Do list tasks.

It’s all too much! How to Dig Out & Manage Information Overload


The presence of too much information causes difficulties in making sound decisions.

This course includes an in-depth explanation of what information overload is, identifies the general causes and major sources of what is personally bogging you down or causing you stress and how to successfully dig out to get on track. Also learn some shocking statistics on how information overload is potentially taking over your life, affecting your health and thwarting your work/life balance. During the course, we’ll teach our proven tips and strategies to manage and free yourself of information overload which will give you tools to sift through irrelevant information, tactics to organize information and even identifying what actions you can take to ease information overload for others.

Learning objectives:

  • Identify and analyze personal sources of information overload.
  • Make smarter decisions by having just the right amount of information on hand.
  • Create and implement a plan to manage information overload.

I’ll Do It Later! Dealing with Procrastination


Many people put things off until the last minute sometimes. Those who procrastinate often usually avoid difficult tasks and consistently look for distractions. This course will help you break through and learn to avoid procrastination.

This workshop will share the three primary areas in which procrastination occurs and will give you strategies to manage procrastination and perfectionism, which many times go hand-in-hand. You’ll learn how to analyze what tasks you’re procrastinating, identify why and then take the first step (even if it’s small) towards getting it done. We’ll review the “eat the frog” theory and why it works so well and learn how to set realistic deadlines that won’t lead to disappointment and missed deadlines.

In addition, we’ll teach you how to set rewards for yourself to help you move through even the most unpleasant task and you’ll also learn the 10 important steps to overcome procrastination.

Learning objectives:

  • Identify and understand WHY you’re procrastinating.
  • Gain tools to overcome your procrastination.
  • Be armed with strategies that will improve the quality of your professional and personal life by overcoming your procrastinating tendencies.

Dealing Effectively with Difficult People and Situations


The ability to deal with difficult people and situations sets a person apart professionally and personally. The more you are armed with tactics on how to deal with difficult people and situations, the better the outcome will be.

This popular course includes strategies to deal effectively with difficult people and situations and you’ll perform exercises where you identify a situation in your own life (past or present) to learn how you can deal with all difficult situations in a healthier, more positive way. Learn how to talk to people without putting them on the defense, how to pay attention to non-verbal signs and how to achieve positive outcomes.

Learning objectives:

  • Gain tactics to communicate effectively with difficult people in your life – both professionally and personally.
  • Reset your thinking so you can handle people and situations better.
  • Learn how to apply useful strategies to deal with the most difficult people and situations in your work and personal life.

Be Memorable! Effective Techniques to Make Your Customer Service Outstanding


You have mere seconds to give people a positive impression of yourself and your organization. Give customers an amazing experience each and every time they interact with you.

This course will help you establish your personal brand and attitude, show you how to identify and address customer needs and generate return business. We will teach customer service essentials that will help you provide the best results in person, by phone or electronically. You’ll learn how to deal with difficult customers and gain great insight on how to make your customer service consistent, outstanding and memorable every time. Those that have taken this course love our “5 Important Things To Do Every Day” for exceptional customer service.

Learning objectives:

  • Create a memorable, personal brand of customer service.
  • Build a strong internal culture that employees and/or team members will buy into and embrace, authentically improving your organization’s customer service.
  • Elevate your level of customer service delivery.

Strategies for Running Productive Meetings


In many organizations, a considerable amount of time is wasted every day with ineffective meetings. This can lead to a significant loss in revenue. Never fear… help is here!

Impress participants at the very next meeting you hold after taking this course and learning how to run an effective, productive meeting from beginning to end. This workshop includes: how to plan and prepare for a meeting, assigning meeting roles and responsibilities, successfully chairing a meeting, how to deal with disruptions, recording minutes and make the most of your meetings. You will also learn strategies to help set expectations for participants before, during and after the meeting.

Learning objectives:

  • Understand and apply basic strategies for how to prepare for and run a productive meeting.
  • Learn how to take objectives from a meeting, follow through and ensure that they’re done in a timely manner.
  • Increase participation from all attendees by setting out expectations and requiring accountability.

You can do it! Setting and Achieving Goals to Produce Dynamic Results


Setting goals and reaching them requires planning. We’ll teach you how!

This course includes a significant amount of participation work that will be completed during our time together. You’ll learn the 4 P’s of goal setting, how to set SMART goals, learn strategies on overcoming procrastination and improving motivation, and how to manage time more productively to achieve any goal. We’ll also share tips for completing tasks to increase productivity. We’ll teach the benefits of goal settings that will affect your attitude, achievements, and even health and happiness and you’ll successfully learn to delineate what tasks or projects are urgent or important. Plus, you’ll learn the one word that you should remove from your vocabulary in order to achieve your goals.

Learning objectives:

  • Apply the principles learned in the course to effectively set achievable goals.
  • Learn how to overcome procrastination and get things done.
  • Improve your motivation so that you can tackle any goal you desire!

Important Soft Skills Necessary in the Workplace


Soft skills – such as attitude, work ethic and adaptability – are a necessity in a face-paced, competitive work environment. If you don’t have them, you’re at an extreme disadvantage.

In this course, you’ll learn the definition of soft skills and we’ll teach the intricacies of many of those skills, including: communication, teamwork, and problem solving, to name a few. You’ll understand the key soft skills everyone should possess to help relate more effectively to others. In addition, you’ll learn how to develop and enhance your soft skills to improve your professionalism in the workplace.

Learning objectives:

  • Identity your most dominate soft skills and those that need improvement for better performance.
  • Apply the soft skills learned to relate more effectively to others in the workplace.
  • Attain the knowledge to enhance your communications skills and increase your value to the organization.

Workplace Diversity


Diversity makes for a richer work environment with opinions, experiences and ideas from many different viewpoints. This makes corporate culture stronger and our personal lives more fulfilling.

This course includes understanding diversity and stereotypes and discusses gender, race, religion, sexual orientation and disability. You will learn how to break down barriers, identify essential verbal and non-verbal communication skills and how to be proactive by encouraging diversity. We’ll hone in on how to change your personal approach, and encourage workplace and social changes around you. The course will also include a general overview of how to handle individual complaints as well as those brought upon the organization.

Learning objectives:

  • Learn about and understand diversity and stereotypes and see if you’re doing or saying things that are inappropriate in the workplace.
  • Be able to apply strategies to help prevent discrimination in the workplace.
  • Walk away with a checklist to review with your H.R. Department of what you need to obtain or create in order to comply with state laws and mandates on topics on diversity.

Time Management & Productivity Improvement

Drive Productivity – Get Things Done!


Are you busy all day, but can’t pinpoint what you’ve accomplished? Being busy is different from being productive. Learn the difference and improve productivity right away!

This course provides a game plan for increasing your productivity including time management strategies, the four P’s of goal setting, setting SMART goals and prioritizing tasks to make productivity skyrocket. We’ll also teach tips for overcoming procrastination, one of the biggest culprits that thwarts our productivity. Participants will learn helpful and easy to implement ideas on planning and scheduling and some unexpected ways to increase productivity. Plus, we’ll tell you the 10 most important things to do that will guarantee you a more productive day and you’ll learn how to improve motivation to increase drive and productivity.

Learning objectives:

  • Learn and implement new strategies to see an immediate boost in personal productivity.
  • Adopt and implement effective time management strategies.
  • Learn how to set goals and prioritize your tasks through proven methods that will bring you success.

Take Control of Your Workday: Plan, Organize and Thrive


Being productive is not a luxury, it’s a necessity. Dive in and analyze your day from the moment you get to the office until the time you leave. We all get the same 24 hours… learn how to make the most of yours!

This course provides strategies to increase your efficiency and productivity by focusing on very tactile areas of your work day that you can easily control through proven systems. We will tackle areas such as: effective planning and scheduling, creating and using effective to do lists, email management, work space organization and creating an effective filing system (both paper and digital document management). Your work day will become manageable, controlled and organized!

You’ll identify your organizing personality (yes, we all have one!) using Deb’s matrix that was featured in Better Homes and Gardens “Secrets of Getting Organized” Magazine and use that knowledge to create your ultimate work space. Most importantly, we’ll also share tips and strategies to help you stay on track and continue to be productive and organized in the future.

Learning objectives:

  • Learn how to control your day vs. your day controlling you.
  • Gain imperative planning skills that will help both your professional and personal life.
  • Reinvent your work space for ultimate inspiration and productivity.

Prioritize Work – Critical vs Non-Critical


Focus. Prioritize. Get things done. If you struggle with prioritizing work, this course is for you!

In this course, there will be a variety of methods for prioritizing work introduced in this course and analyzed. Participants can determine which method works best for them or take a piece or two from each method and make it their own. We’ll review strategies for prioritizing tasks as critical vs. non-critical using the Urgent-Important Matrix for task prioritization and learn how to train and manage your attention – a growing issue and concern for employees and employers – by delving into strategies to focus on your work through proven time management methods. We’ll learn how to prioritize tasks based on how we feel about them. We’ll learn why we procrastinate and understand why it is holding you back and impeding progress and what to do overcome it.

Learning objectives

  • To be able to effectively prioritize your work.
  • Adopt and apply the method that best suits your personality and/or work style.
  • Improve your focus throughout the day to complete your priorities.

Manage Email Effectively


Email can easily and quickly get out of control and become overwhelming… but it doesn’t have to! Email can be an effective communication tool if managed effectively and proactively.

This course includes easy-to-implement strategies to effectively manage email and save time. We’ll teach you to research and use features of your email system you might not have known about, how to streamline your email on all devices for quick reference and access and we’ll share some surprising statistics about email. In addition, we’ll teach important email etiquette strategies – like when it’s appropriate and important to cc someone (and when it’s not!) You’ll be inspired to be more proactive, rather than reactive when handling email.

Learning objectives:

  • Learn how to use email as an effective tool for communication and not a source of stress.
  • Learn the nuances of email etiquette and how to maintain your professionalism.
  • To use the technology and tools of email to make your day more seamless.

Working Proactively Rather than Reactively to Drive Success


Do you constantly feel like you’re going from one task to another all day and are never caught up? Take control of your time, your schedule and your tasks by starting to work more proactively!

This workshop includes the pros and cons of proactive and reactive strategies, tips to help you move from working reactively to proactively and differentiating between proactive tasks vs. reactive tasks so you can gauge how your time is currently being spent.

We’ll also learn the traits of proactive people vs. reactive people, Steven Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People – Circle of Concern vs. Circle of Control, and teach you some effective proactive vs. reactive language to use with yourself and others.

Learning objectives:

  • Understand and apply the strategies learned to work more proactively.
  • Learn how Steven Covey’s Circle of Concern vs. Circle of Control works and how you can use it in your own professional and personal life to be more successful.
  • Learn how to speak in proactive language and have a positive internal thought process to have a big impact on your work style.

Become a Time Management Master


Do you always feel like you have NO TIME?! Learn proven strategies for time management success and the tools that can help you get there. Time is a precious commodity and you CAN master it.

In this course, you’ll create a personalized time management action plan. You’ll dig deep into how you currently spend your time and identify what’s working and what’s not. We’ll learn to set goals, organize your time, plan wisely, tackle procrastination, create habits and rituals and how to manage multiple priorities and deadlines. In addition, we’ll cover how to manage successful meetings and save time, handle interruptions, and how to delegate effectively. Because we know that every person and every job is different and has its own challenges and responsibilities, this course will concentrate closely on personalization of strategies and will deliver on many proven methods that can be adopted as is, or customized for each individual participant. Attendees will walk away with a time management plan that they can start implementing right away.

Learning objectives:

  • Walk away with a personalized time management plan that will work for you.
  • Have more control of your day and feel less stressed.
  • Be more productive, more efficient and motivated.

Personal Development

Communicate with Clarity and Confidence


Communication is critical and a must for a successful professional career. Learn how to communicate with clarity and confidence both orally and in writing.

This course includes: understanding communication barriers and developing non-verbal and communication skills, using the STAR method of speaking, developing ways to be a better, more active listener, how to ask good questions and even how to deliver bad news. We’ll touch on some essential interpersonal skills including a review of the levels of conversation, tips on how to remember names, influencing skills, bringing people to your side, sharing your opinion and making an impact. Also included will be some effective tips for business writing, including emails and reports and the importance of proofreading.

Learning objectives:

  • Learn a variety of tips to build better communication skills and improve your everyday interactions.
  • Develop strong interpersonal skills that will make you feel confident in any business or personal situation.
  • Learn how to clearly and powerfully communicate in writing.

Powerful Public Speaking and Presentation Skills


Your greatest fear could become the most powerful weapon in your professional arsenal. Being an effective speaker can lead to professional success and provide confidence in presenting your opinions and ideas.

This course will teach you how to prepare for and conduct engaging and informative presentations to any audience, from five people to several hundred. We’ll cover how to identify your audience to create a customized presentation, share great tips on how to take your thoughts and content and effectively turn it into a powerful presentation, uncover strategies for establishing credibility with your audience, and we’ll even touch on overcoming nervousness. We’ll discuss the best delivery methods to enhance your presentations such as PowerPoints, flip charts, video, white board, audio, etc.

Learning objectives

  • Confidently take your presentation skills to the next level.
  • Gain skills and insight that will make the preparation of your presentation easy and effective.
  • Deliver an informative and engaging presentation that will leave your audience wanting more.

Improve Critical Thinking and Problem Solving


Imagine if you could approach problems effectively, evaluating information to offer the best solutions and inspire those you work with to join in and collaborate!

This course is all about thinking differently – learning techniques to change the way you approach things, how to expand your thinking and ultimately how to perform better at your job and with your team. You’ve heard the term “thinking outside of the box” many times, but we will go even further to create breakthroughs and embrace how to expand your thinking for amazing results. We will review how to gather and understand types of information, the best ways to prepare for brainstorming, how brain writing and mind mapping improve creativity, how to develop and analyze solutions and implement a plan. It also includes the components and essentials of critical thinking, evaluating information and learning from mistakes. We’ll discuss characteristics of critical thinkers as well.

Learning objectives:

  • Implement new skills to be a more effective problem solver and critical thinker
  • Have a better understanding of what critical thinking is and how you can apply it to your work.
  • Develop and analyze solutions that dig deeper into problems to yield better solutions and results.

Effective Conflict Resolution


Conflict is inevitable in the workplace – it’s just human nature. It could be internally between employees or with management or it could be external where you’re dealing with difficult clients or vendors. This course will arm you with the tools to deal with it effectively and possibly prevent it from happening at all.

This course includes: the conflict resolution styles, creating an effective atmosphere to resolve conflicts, getting to the root cause of the problem, generating options and building a solution. You’ll learn diffusing methods including stress and anger management techniques, neutralizing emotions, focusing on what the other party needs and building positive energy. We’ll also help you understand the six phases of the conflict resolution process. A very important addition to this course is how to maintain the relationship after the conflict resolution process.

Learning objectives:

  • Learn and apply the principles of successful conflict resolution.
  • Gain resolution skills that can be applied to your professional and personal life now and for years to come.
  • Learning to manage your emotions and help other parties involved in the conflict to do the same.

Self Awareness- Be Your Best You at Work and Beyond


Improve your self awareness and social intelligence to be perceived in your best light by those around you. You will learn everything you need to make a good first AND a great lasting impression.

This course includes learning about the four “selfs”, mood management, interpersonal awareness, limitations of self-awareness, and independence vs interdependence. Walk away with tools to increase your self-awareness, learn the keys to empathy and active listening, be aware of social cues and body language, sharpen your conversation skills and gain insight on how to build rapport. We’ll also discuss many ways you can take initiative – taking a chance, recognize when you can step in, weighing the consequences, finding opportunities, being persistent and balancing initiative and restraint. The skills and insight you receive in this course can open you up for advancement or promotion at work, increase your influence with your peers and team and help make you a more aware person.

Learning objectives:

  • Understand your newfound self awareness and apply it to improve your performance.
  • Strengthen and enhance your skills for greater social interactions.
  • Help others around you see their self awareness through mentoring and supporting them.

Rock Solid Negotiation Skills


Negotiating isn’t fighting. It’s a calculated, planned discussion to get an acceptable result for each party. This course will provide the strategies and confidence to take on any negotiation… and succeed!

In this course, you will gain an understanding of what negotiation is, learn to negotiate in a professional manner, get prepared by calculating the strengths and weaknesses of your position as well as knowing the other side, learn the best ways to communicate through negotiations and gain strategies for coming out with a win-win solution. Learn how to bargain, how to deal with difficult issues and of course, close the deal. You will also learn more intangible skills to help you negotiate more successfully such as dealing with your emotions, being adaptable and flexible, putting yourself in the other person’s shoes and seeing the bigger picture.

Learning objectives:

  • Come out of the course as a more confident, effective negotiator.
  • Develop skills to become more flexible during negotiations and still have a successful outcome.
  • Learn how to maintain your professionalism and the relationship with the opposing party during and after the negotiation.

Enhancing Your Professional Etiquette


People are forming judgments about you from every angle – how you dress, how you conduct yourself and how your portray yourself on social media. Your personal brand is extremely important to establish and foster success and this course will help you discover and enhance yours.

This course will start with analyzing your personal brand: defining yourself, developing and controlling your image, personal and professional influences, sharpening your brand and branding personality strategies. We’ll move to a comprehensive overview of general business etiquette, dressing appropriately in the workplace, email and phone etiquette, best practices for business writing, etiquette during business meals and more. We’ll review effective networking for success and how to seek out mentors to help grow your career and maintain a positive, influential personal brand. We’ll also discuss social media at length and include our popular “Ten mistakes not to make on social media”.

Learning objectives:

  • Learn and follow proper business etiquette so you can put forth the best version of yourself.
  • Learn to develop your image and create a unique, authentic personal brand.
  • Be aware of how social media can affect your professionalism and avoid pitfalls.

Developing the Leader Within


Being recognized as a great leader is not something you’re given, it’s something you create over time with the right training, first hand experience and building trust and influence with those around you. You can start developing those skills (or sharpen them a bit!) with this course.

This course in an excellent refresher for seasoned leaders as well as a great foundation for aspiring leaders. It includes an in-depth definition of leadership, reviews social influence and conscious leadership and goes over the 12 important qualities that a great leader possesses including clarity, inspiration and communication to name a few. In a self-auditing exercise, we will help you analyze the roles you take on at work and beyond even though you may not have a leadership title. We’ll

review different leadership styles, which ones you’re using to influence others and work specifically on any areas based on your personal reflection or peer/employer feedback. You will walk away armed with strategies to nurture and develop your leadership skills.

Learning objectives:

  • Learn and apply the key elements of leadership to build trust and influence.
  • Implement the essential leadership characteristics in your worklife.
  • Become a more effective leader.

Leadership Training & Development

Coaching and Mentoring Essentials for Managers


Professional mentoring and coaching relationships can be rewarding for the mentor and the mentee, helping elevate careers and providing an opportunity to give back to potential new leaders. Learn how to enter into a relationship yourself or help others make successful mentoring and coaching connections.

This course includes: defining coaching and mentoring and discussing the differences between the two – mentoring being a relationship that provides guidance and accountability and coaching going deeper and more personal to including dealing with feelings, fears, weaknesses and strengths. You will learn how to effectively match yourself and others to mentees for a successful outcome through learning about personality types, analyzing skill sets and more. Knowing how to identify the right connections can enhance the mentoring experience. We will also review how to structure the relationship (frequency of meetings, etc.), how to measure the results of the relationship and ways to grow the relationship for maximum benefit.

Learning objectives:

  • Understand the distinct difference between coaching and mentoring.
  • Be able to apply knowledge and strategies learned to foster a successful mentoring or coaching relationship.
  • Gain skills and create an action plan to be able to start effectively mentoring/coaching right away.

Creating a Successful Team


You’ve heard that “teamwork makes the dream work”. If you build and manage a successful team that people WANT to be a part of, it will increase motivation, loyalty and productivity!

This course is full of easy-to-implement strategies to build, manage and motivate your ultimate team. You will learn the types of teams, the 4 stages of team development, the 5 Commandments of a Successful Team, common mistakes in team building and the 6 Thinking Hats of Problem Solving as a Team. We’ll cover problem solving and conflict resolution and share team building activities to use to build trust and confidence. In addition, you’ll learn how to make the most of team meetings and how to consistently encourage teamwork. Learn some new ideas for motivation, steps to retaining high performers and improving team performance.

Learning objectives:

  • Learn how to bring people together to form an effective, motivated and productive team.
  • Gain strategies to guide your team through the 4 stages of team building to improve performance.
  • Enhance your ability to help your team solve problems, grow, perform and succeed.

Essential Skills for Leaders


Are you an emerging leader in your organization or are you in a new leadership role? This course is targeted to help develop your leadership style and create professional success. It’s also a perfect course for seasoned leaders who want to re-charge their skills.

In this course, you will learn how to set expectations and goals, assign work, implement delegation, provide productive feedback, manage your time and your team’s time to align with their duties and responsibilities. You’ll also learn strategies for special situations such as being promoted from within the team. We’ll cover the important qualities and attributes that a great leader possesses and discuss how you can own and implement them. We will also delve deeper into how you can identify candidates early for potential leadership roles, build competencies in others, pair others with mentors, provide training and support, establish peer networking and providing continuous growth opportunities for yourself. Participants will walk away armed with skills to strengthen their own leadership skills and motivate their team.

Learning objectives

  • New leaders will receive a foundation of necessary skills to be successful immediately.
  • Gain strategies and tools to use to connect with your team, gain trust and build rapport.
  • Develop or enhance skills learned to dramatically increase performance of your team.

Leadership and Influence – Advanced


This course was specifically designed for established leaders. Your team looks up to you! Are you putting your best foot forward each and every day? We will give you a jolt of motivation to take your leadership style to a new level and give you energizing strategies to make yourself and your team stronger.

This workshop includes an in-depth review of the characteristics of a leader, the three theories of leadership, leadership skills (telling, selling, participating and delegating). Being a great leader is also about leaving a legacy. We will give you plenty of great ideas and tactics to strengthen and invigorate your team including how to be a sought after role model, how to inspire a shared vision, how to think and act creatively so that it becomes team culture, and how to enable others to thrive. You will learn motivating and influencing skills, strategies for talent and performance management, how to plan for succession, how to manage change, team goal setting strategies and how to establish individual performance goals. This course will not only reinvigorate you, but will give you tremendous tools to build an efficient, motivated team and to leave a lasting impression on them.

Learning objectives

  • Complete a self analysis to get a current snapshot of your leadership strengths and identify areas of potential growth.
  • Hone and enhance your leadership skills to be able to work more effectively with your team.
  • Break out of the “we’ve always done it that way” cycle and energize yourself and your team.

Deliver Feedback and Conduct Performance Reviews that Motivate Employees


Feedback is imperative to keep employees on track and motivate them to continue to strive for excellence. It’s also important to openly address any areas that need improvement. Conducting performance reviews is a craft that can be learned and perfected to assure the best outcome and direction for the employee and organization.

In this course, we will learn when and how frequently feedback should occur, how to choose the best time and place and how to thoroughly prepare and plan prior to feedback delivery. We’ll cover how to use the “feedback sandwich” successfully, how to set goals for optimal performance, how to ask for a self-assessment and how to tie performance to compensation. We’ll also share how to keep emotions in check, diffuse anger and negative emotions and go over common mistakes managers make when conducting employee reviews. You’ll leave with ideas for incentives and how to begin creating a culture of recognition. If you are the one getting reviewed, we’ll also dive into tips on how to successfully prepare for your own annual performance review.

Learning objectives

  • Prepare and deliver feedback that will inspire employees to make positive changes.
  • Learn year-round strategies to produce the best performance review possible for each of your staff.
  • Create and implement a culture of recognition within your team.

Just for Women – Finding the Leader Within


Women are dominating and changing the workforce, but in some organizations they are still underrepresented in leadership. Leadership is a delicate balance for women – you need to be assertive without overbearing, empathetic and not overly emotional – which are challenges and opportunities that we’ll teach you in this course.

This course is crafted especially for female business professionals who are looking to move forward in their organization by developing the best possible leadership style to fit the positions they want. It will include discussion on the leadership gap and barriers to women’s leadership, along with an understanding of traits of female managers. Learn how to use your competitive edge and increase your strength and abilities while keeping emotions in check. We’ll go over how to take “smart risks” and gain a career advantage, how to feel confident, get credit for your work and how to conduct yourself in a manner that earns you respect. You will gain knowledge on how to encourage networking opportunities, how to pair with women mentors and create educational opportunities. We will also delve deep into important issues such as nurturing women leaders, working together and not tearing each other down, viewing your competition in a positive light and learning how to collaborate with people you don’t like. Watch yourself and the women around you soar after you implement great strategies learned in this course!

Learning objectives

  • Develop and enhance your skills to confidently compete in the workplace.
  • Learn about the advantages of taking risks, getting out of your comfort zone and becoming more resilient.
  • Implement strategies learned to advance your career by utilizing newfound skills to collaborate, overcome barriers and be recognized for your contributions.

Creating Successful Remote and Virtual Teams


Technology has allowed our workflow to become easier and has opened the door for new ways of working, including remotely and virtually. How do you mesh and motivate a team when they are physically in different places?

This course will help you create a motivated and engaged virtual/remote workforce and create a culture of trust even when you’re managing from afar. We’ll provide essential strategies on how to conduct your day-to-day tasks, how to set up your remote/virtual team, running an effective meeting with all members of the scattered team, effectively following up with team members, building trust, handling cultural issues, how to resolve conflict with a remote/virtual team and how to divide work and instill collaborations. You will learn how to implement strong checks and balances to assure that work gets done on time, create a sense of belonging and purpose for everyone and for team members to feel that the work they do is rewarding.

Learning objectives

  • Gain the skills to build and maintain a powerful and thriving remote/virtual team.
  • Be able to design a successful work flow to ensure collaborative teamwork.
  • Gain strategies to reward and recognize your team’s achievements as well as handle any conflicts that may arise.

Change Management


Change is one of the hardest things we go through as individuals and as organizations. Resistance, fear and uncertainty overshadow the excitement and opportunity that change can bring.

This course will arm you with tools and strategies to prepare yourself and your team for change and to lead, motivate and inspire your team. You will learn how to craft the “what’s in it for me?” message that employees need to hear before you get their buy in. You will be able to identify and address the common reactions to change. We will also help build your strategy to help facilitate and cope with pushback and gain support. We discuss “Appreciate Inquiry” in this course and how it applies to change management to unveil the positive core of a company.

Learning objectives:

  • Learn the five common reactions to change – how to identify them in yourself and others and how to facilitate the change process.
  • Gain skills to help people to embrace and accept change and thrive during and after the process.
  • Understand and apply the “Appreciative Inquiry” method of change management.

Strategies for Innovation Implementation  


Are you constantly hearing “we’ve always done it like this”? Is your company culture stagnant? Are your sales dipping or is morale low? Let’s get energized!

This course is best for leaders, top management and business owners as it will provide ideas on how to spark innovation in your team and affect the entire company culture.

This course includes: methods to create a culture of innovation, how to facilitate innovation and effectively change the current status quo while preserving useful components that are still successful. We’ll teach ways to solicit idea generation, brain storming techniques and establishing processes for implementing innovation. We’ll provide strategies to embrace and integrate your millennial workforce, increase retention and breathe new life into your organization.

Learning objectives

  • Adopt and implement proven methods to help create a culture of innovation at your workplace.
  • Create an action plan to fold innovation into your department or company’s work flow.
  • Learn how to identify an innovation champion (or team!) that will help implement and take innovation to the next level in your workplace.

Employee Wellness

Simplify Your Life – DeCluttering and Organizing for a Healthy Lifestyle


What if we told you that through some simple, every day planning, you could have more balance and energy AND become healthier? This course will give you all of the tools to make a dramatic lifestyle change.

This workshop will reveal the correlation between clutter and health issues. It will share the benefits of being organized and provide strategies to organize and simplify almost everything around you: your life, yourself, your home, your family, work space and work life. You will gain impactful tips to maintain order and stay on track. We will hone in during the course on decluttering your kitchen for healthy eating, as a great diet will yield more energy, less guilt and better performance for everyone in work, sports and other activities. We’ll go over how to create Meal Planning Systems for your busy family, steps to create a kitchen set up for healthy cooking and eating, strategies to organize your pantry, refrigerator and freezer, and how to create a meal planning binder and computerized grocery list.

Learning objectives:

  • Acknowledge the relationship between clutter and health issues and learn how to avoid these issues.
  • Learn effective strategies to organize and simplify many areas of your life – both at home and at work.
  • Become the champion of your kitchen learning excellent ways to organize, plan meals and eat healthier.

Work Life Balance – from Surviving to Thriving


Stop spinning your wheels and start taking control of your life! This course will provide easy-to-implement tips to improve balance between work and home life through healthy integration.

This course includes the benefits of a healthy balance, signs of a health imbalance, how to take advantage of employer resources, time management tips and goal setting. This course also delves into stress management – perhaps one of the most difficult things to manage in our lives. We will cover how to understand stress, review steps to create a stress-reduced lifestyle, how to use routines to reduce your stress, environmental and physical relaxation techniques, coping with major events, identify stressors and creating a plan. Once we reduce your stress, we’ll move on to happiness!

We’ll talk about purposeful planning for happiness, how to plan your day and how to relate better to others. You’ll get tips for how to accentuate the positive, take control of your career happiness, set boundaries and practice positivity.

Learning objectives:

  • Have better balance overall in your personal and professional life.
  • Identify your stress factors and implement new routines to reduce stress in your life.
  • Learn to bring happiness and positivity into your everyday life.

Managing Workplace Anxiety


Anxiety can stall productivity, affect those around you and could potentially cause serious health issues. Acknowledging what makes you anxious and then putting together a plan of attack to counter it can get you back on track!

This course includes a breakdown of common types of anxiety, how to recognize symptoms in yourself and others, coping strategies, issues with avoidance, differences in anxiety and normal nervousness and physical symptoms of anxiety. We will also dive into how to recognize the positive aspects of anxiety, how to identify common anxiety triggers, and the important task of seeking help if and when you need it.

Learning objectives:

  • Learn how to identify and manage your anxiety.
  • How to recognize signs of stress and anxiety in others.
  • Gain tips on how employers can manage employee anxiety in the workplace.

Safety in the Workplace


A workplace that has a culture of safety works productively, carefully and minimizes serious incidents. With “best practices” in place, every employee can make well informed decisions.

This course includes a review of types of work hazards, how to promote and enforce safety standards, stress management, identifying and avoiding workplace violence, identifying company hazards, identify employees that may be suffering from drug and alcohol abuse and strategies to help them find resources and writing and implementing a safety plan. We will also cover how to get buy in from all employees to increase communication and adherence to safety guidelines and also how to put incentives in place that will reward safe workplace practices and encourage employees to become active members in the process.

Learning objectives:

  • Be able to identify potential hazards in the workplace and make a plan.
  • Have a system set up where employees know the policies and are active participants.
  • Gain ideas on how to set up incentives to encourage safe workplace behaviors.

Dynamic Speaker

who engages the audience immediately.


Janice Rasmussen, Chairperson, MARCPO Speaker Committee

a lot of motivation

Your excitement, energy and drive sent me out the door with a lot of motivation


Nancy Woolver, Agent, New York Life Insurance Company, Fairport, NY

Extremely pleased...

with the efficiency and professionalism.


Paul Pimpinella, Esq. Law Offices of Compson & Pimpinella


I enjoyed your very enthusiastic and inspiring presentation.


Monisha Parikh, Senior Clinical Project Leader / Medical Affairs, BD Diagnostics - Preanalytical Systems, Franklin Lakes, NJ


Her program is perfect for both the office and at home!


Cathy Cucharale, VP Operations, M Griffith Investment Services

Participants raved about the presentation.

Participants raved about the presentation. Thanks Deb for getting us on the right track!


Carole H. Gehrig, NYSUT Retiree Services Consultant, Syracuse Regional Office


Her presentation was very informative, inspiring, upbeat and knowledgeable.


Donna L. Rebisz, Program Director of the Women's Business Center of New York State

great job

Deb Cabral did a great job presenting a Time Management seminar for my practice managers.


Kathleen E. Dyman, EVP, Medical Societies of the Counties of Oneida, Herkimer, Madison, Chenango, Oswego and Cayuga-Central New York Academy of Medicine

Her let's roll up our sleeves and do this attitude is infectious

Her let's roll up our sleeves and do this attitude is infectious. Races are all about time. Thank you Deb for giving some of ours back!


Timothy R Reed, Executive Director, Boilermaker Road Race & National Distance Running Hall of Fame

Her enthusiasm is contagious!

Her enthusiasm is contagious!


Michele A. Sheridan, President, Zonta Club of Utica

motivated and inspired

Motivated and inspired us all both personally and professionally


Jill M. Alder, Teacher and Co-Chairperson for the Regional Educational Conference - Utica, New York


Her presentation was awesome and all of the evaluations came back with an excellent rating.


Donna Rebisz, Project Director, Women's Business Center of NY State

very well received

The session was very well received by employees!


Noelle M. Richer, CWPM, VP & Manager of Client Experience, Gilroy, Kernan & Gilroy Insurance

lights up the room

Deb has a personality and presentation style that lights up the room and captivates the audience.


Tracy Higginbotham, President, Women TIES

efficient and productive

I am looking forward to a more organized work environment and for staff to be more efficient and productive.


Linda Montemurro - Director of Supportive Case Management at The Neighborhood Center Inc.


Many said the presentation on Handling E-Mail Effectively was fantastic!


Scott Williams, Executive VP of Student Affairs, Utica School of Commerce and 2013 Rotary District Conference Co-Chair

look forward to your next presentation

There were many favorable comments about your tips and many look forward to your next presentation here at Preswick Glen in the spring.


Cindy Dardano, Senior Living Specialist/Community Relations, Preswick Glen


Throughout your talk, you kept people's attention by providing interesting stories and tips.


Lucille Wittner, Audit Corporate Banking, The Bank of New York Mellon, Oriskany, NY

tremendous success

Deb's positive and delightful demeanor helped to make our declutter day a tremendous success


Elizabeth Nelson, Staff Engineer- Strategic Innovation Group, BD Medical-Medical Surgical Systems, Franklin Lakes, New Jersey

I am taking advantage of every suggestion too!

I am taking advantage of every suggestion too!


Barb Adams, Owner- Liberty Tax Service

nothing but praise!

The program evaluations for this presentation had nothing but praise!


Pamela Senecal, President, MVSHRM (Mohawk Valley Society for Human Resource Management)

...feeling excited

Everyone left the session feeling excited


Katie Reilly, Director of Marketing, NY Sash & CNY Open House

innate talent

Deb delivered an outstanding presentation, clearly demonstrating her organization expertise and her innate talent as a teacher and communicator.


Stephanie Eghigian - Executive Director of The Women's Fund of Herkimer and Oneida Counties, Inc.

dynamic and informative

Her presentation was dynamic and informative. She provided us with tips on how to be more efficient and to increase productivity, which are essential in any business.


Dr Patricia Laino, The Business Training Institute Inc. and The Women's Business Center of New York State

Enthusiastic and informative training workshop on Time Management

Enthusiastic and informative training workshop on Time Management


Anita A. Vitullo, President, Staffworks Corporate Office, New Hartford, NY

outstanding presentation

She gave an outstanding presentation on ways that we can enrich our personal and professional lives simply by becoming more organized and eliminating clutter.


Mike Parsons, President/CEO First Source FCU

absolutely fabulous!

You have such a great spirit. You were absolutely fabulous!


Carla Shipman, Director of Development, NAPO Greater Philadelphia Chapter

fantastic advice

She offered fantastic advice and applied practical solutions to incorporate into our everyday lives at home and work.


Lori Nichols, Human Resources Manager at First Source Federal Credit Union

like a breath of fresh air

When the team from The DeClutter Coach came in, they were like a breath of fresh air and not only organized our space, but motivated us to keep it that way by how they set it up


Rev Bill Dodge, Executive Director, Rescue Mission of Utica


Deb's presentation was the catalyst we needed to get our employees focused on our impending move.


Virginia Biesiada O'Neill, Chief Administrative Officer, Pioneer Companies, Syracuse, NY

love your energy!

"Deb- Thanks so much for your great your energy!"


Shana C. Neal, WW Director, Human Resources, BD Diagnostics - Preanalytical Systems, Franklin Lakes, NJ


From a mess the size of Mount Everest to a more manageable move, Deb was there every step of the way. I don't know what we would have done without her. She was a lifesaver!


Lucille Humphreys, United Way of the Valley & Greater Utica, Office Manager and Executive Administrative Assistant

such exuberance

She spoke with such exuberance and conviction that our employees took her advice to heart


Lorraine McCormick, Vice President of Human Resources, AmeriCu

inspiring and motivational

The overwhelming response to her presentation was Deb was informative, professional, inspiring and motivational.


Marguerite Lynch, Community & Regional Affairs Manager, Excellus BlueCross BlueShield.

amazing lady

with a generous spirit that shines through


Stephanie Eghigian, Executive Director, Women's Employment & Resource Center


Thanks again for taking the time to offer your valuable expertize!


Deb Evans, Program Manager for CollegeWorks, The Arc, Oneida-Lewis Chapter


She has what it takes to motivate you in a positive direction and have you enjoying the process all along. What are you waiting for.... get started today!


Cathy Newell, President Mohawk, Ltd. Chadwicks, NY

life changing!

The Managing Time & Priorities Workshop was life changing for me!


Janet Wren, Facility Human Resources Manager,New York Power Authority