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DC Efficiency Consulting offers a variety of formats to suit your needs including a wide range of customized training to integrate with company organizational goals for improving employee productivity and work environment efficiency. Our Training Courses are available in-person and virtually!

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The Wall Street Journal reported that most employees waste one hour per day due to inefficient time management skills and/or a disorganized workspace. Depending on the size of your organization, the number of unproductive work hours can be staggering!

The economy is forcing businesses to do more with less. Being more efficient and increasing productivity are not only a benefit, they’re a necessity. Managing time and priorities and maintaining an organized work environment are skills that increase productivity and have a direct effect on the bottom line.

Our lively and energetic training sessions captivate participants while motivating them to change old unproductive habits and create new routines to realize an immediate boost in productivity. The more your employees understand the basis for change and the process for making change stick, the more likely you are to see long-term productivity improvements.

Your DC Efficiency Consulting training session can be everything you need to fit the needs of your company and your budget. Even better, a DCEC training session can seamlessly merge into existing sales meetings or management retreats. Available formats, both in-person and virtual, include:

  • Full Day and Half Day Sessions
  • Breakfast Programs
  • Lunch & Learn Programs
  • Employee Wellness Programs

Each training session, presented in a down-to-earth style, combines presentation and hands-on practice, teaching designated work groups how to work smarter, not harder. Participants set actual goals and create a workable schedule geared to increase productivity and efficiency right away.

Full-Day or Half-Day Leadership and Staff Development Training

Deb and her staff of Trainers are experts at delivering educational and energetic programs to help professionals streamline work and become more productive. We create custom training sessions to meet your organizational goals and objectives.

Training sessions get right at the heart of the matter, as we lead your staff or group in a workshop designed to meet your highest priority needs. Your employees will learn, laugh, and become more efficient at their jobs after attending a DCEC session.

Full Day sessions typically accommodate up to 6 topics, depending on the number of experiential exercises we integrate into the program. Half Day sessions typically include up to 3 topics. Sessions can be tailored to any size group in any type of office, factory, retail store or work environment.

Full-Day or Half-Day Programs typically accommodate between 3-6 topics.

Lunch and Learn Programs

In an hour or less, Deb and her staff of Trainers teach, motivate and inspire your professional group on a variety of topics during Lunch and Learn or Continuing Education programs.

With her corporate experience and efficiency mindset, Deb is a sought after speaker for these quick-learn formats where the information is concise and practical.

Lunch and Learn sessions typically accommodate 1 topic.

Breakfast Programs

Deb and her staff of trainers are available to speak to industry, organization or association groups for breakfast meetings or before-hours Continuing Education Programs.  People who attend Deb’s Breakfast Programs enjoy her motivational stories and benefit from her helpful productivity, efficiency and organizational tips.

Each DC Efficiency Consulting program can be customized to fit the interests and continuing education needs of your group. Call or email us today to check rates and schedule. We’d welcome the opportunity to make your next event a success with Deb Cabral as your speaker.

Breakfast Programs typically accommodate 1 topic.

Employee Wellness Programs

Wellness in the workplace is more than just a buzzword. Savvy human resources directors and CEO’s know that employees are happier and more productive when supported by ongoing training initiatives.

Deb and her staff of trainers’ wellness presentations teach people how to manage time better, prioritize tasks and maintain an organized workspace. They share Deb’s signature method for increasing efficiency and productivity in every work setting, from factory floor to office cubicle to retail storefront. Suggested topics include Decluttering for a Healthy Lifestyle, Organizing for a Stress-Free Life and Balancing Family and Work. We can also customize a Wellness Program to suit your needs.

Employee Wellness Programs typically accommodate 1 topic.

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Choose from our list of training courses or let us customize one to fit your unique needs.

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