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DC Efficiency Consulting offers a variety of formats to suit your needs including a wide range of customized training to integrate with company organizational goals for improving employee productivity and work environment efficiency. Our Training Courses are available in-person and virtually!

Let us reinvent the way you work!

Streamline & Simplify.

The Wall Street Journal reported that most employees waste one hour per day due to inefficient time management skills and/or a disorganized workspace. Depending on the size of your organization, the number of unproductive work hours can be staggering!

The economy is forcing businesses to do more with less. Being more efficient and increasing productivity are not only a benefit, they’re a necessity. Managing time and priorities and maintaining an organized work environment are skills that increase productivity and have a direct effect on the bottom line.

Our lively and energetic training sessions captivate participants while motivating them to change old unproductive habits and create new routines to realize an immediate boost in productivity. The more your employees understand the basis for change and the process for making change stick, the more likely you are to see long-term productivity improvements.


Organize work environment


Change unproductive habits


Create new routines


Boost productivity long-term

Tailored to fit your needs & budget.

Your DC Efficiency Consulting training session can be everything you need to fit the needs of your company and your budget. Even better, a DCEC training session can seamlessly merge into existing sales meetings or management retreats. Available formats, both in-person and virtual, include:

    Full & Half Day Sessions

    Breakfast Programs

    Lunch & Learn Programs

    Employee Wellness Programs

    Each training session, presented in a down-to-earth style, combines presentation and hands-on practice, teaching designated work groups how to work smarter, not harder. Participants set actual goals and create a workable schedule geared to increase productivity and efficiency right away.

      Full-Day or Half-Day Leadership and Staff Development Training

      Deb and her staff of Trainers are experts at delivering educational and energetic programs to help professionals streamline work and become more productive. We create custom training sessions to meet your organizational goals and objectives.

      Training sessions get right at the heart of the matter, as we lead your staff or group in a workshop designed to meet your highest priority needs. Your employees will learn, laugh, and become more efficient at their jobs after attending a DCEC session.

      Full Day sessions typically accommodate up to 6 topics, depending on the number of experiential exercises we integrate into the program. Half Day sessions typically include up to 3 topics. Sessions can be tailored to any size group in any type of office, factory, retail store or work environment.

      Full-Day or Half-Day Programs typically accommodate between 3-6 topics.

      Breakfast Programs

      Deb and her staff of trainers are available to speak to organizations or association groups for breakfast meetings or before-hours Continuing Education Programs.  People who attend Deb’s Breakfast Programs enjoy her motivational stories and benefit from her helpful productivity, efficiency and organizational tips.

      Each DC Efficiency Consulting program can be customized to fit the interests and continuing education needs of your group. Call or email us today to check rates and schedule. We’d welcome the opportunity to make your next event a success with Deb Cabral as your speaker.

      Breakfast Programs typically accommodate 1 topic.

      Lunch & Learn Programs

      In an hour or less, Deb and her staff of Trainers teach, motivate and inspire your professional group on a variety of topics during Lunch and Learn or Continuing Education programs.

      With her corporate experience and efficiency mindset, Deb is a sought after speaker for these quick-learn formats where the information is concise and practical.

      Lunch and Learn sessions typically accommodate 1 topic.

      Employee Wellness Programs

      Wellness in the workplace is more than just a buzzword. Savvy human resources directors and CEO’s know that employees are happier and more productive when supported by ongoing training initiatives.

      Deb and her staff of trainers’ wellness presentations teach people how to manage time better, prioritize tasks and maintain an organized workspace. They share Deb’s signature method for increasing efficiency and productivity in every work setting, from factory floor to office cubicle to retail storefront. Suggested topics include Decluttering for a Healthy Lifestyle, Organizing for a Stress-Free Life and Balancing Family and Work. We can also customize a Wellness Program to suit your needs.

      Employee Wellness Programs typically accommodate 1 topic.

      Our Courses

      Choose from our list of training courses or let us customize one to fit your unique needs.

      What Our Clients Have to Say

      Katie Reilly
      Feeling excited!

      Deb’s workshop on Stress Management was well received by the company. She easily related and connected to the staff. Everyone left the session feeling excited to try new tips and ideas!

      Katie Reilly, Director of Marketing, NY Sash & CNY Open House

      Janet Wren
      Life changing!

      The Managing Time & Priorities Workshop was life changing for me! This is the first workshop that actually showed me how to physically set up systems, manage e-mail, piles of papers, phone calls, people interruptions and deadlines. I am able to handle more work as a result and feel a huge burden has been lifted. My co-workers call my office “The Zen”.. Any employer interested in efficiency and getting more from their employees should host this workshop. Thanks Deb.

      Janet Wren, Facility Human Resources Manager,New York Power Authority

      Linda Montemurro
      Efficient and productive.

      I was more than pleased to see the motivation that Deb Cabral sparked in all my staff. Many workers started the next work day clearing out paper clutter. As a team we will work on organizing our time to be more efficient with all the tips that were presented to us. What I had hoped to stimulate for my staff by providing this workshop happened to a greater extent than I imagined. I am looking forward to a more organized work environment and for staff to be more efficient and productive. Thank You Deb!

      Linda Montemurro – Director of Supportive Case Management at The Neighborhood Center Inc.

      Anita A. Vitullo
      Enthusiastic and informative training workshop on Time Management

      After Deb’s enthusiastic and informative training workshop on Time Management, the team was ready to go! Building efficiencies and effectively using our time at work and home will always be an on-going effort. THANK YOU to Deb for raising our awareness regarding the importance such results have on business productivity and personal peace. In a world of challenging schedules and budgets, Deb’s presentation was definitely a worthwhile investment of our time and resources.

      Anita A. Vitullo, President, Staffworks Corporate Office, New Hartford, NY

      Kristie Cieslak
      I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop on How to Become A Rock Star Speaker!

      Thank you Deb! I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop on How to Become A Rock Star Speaker! It has given me better clarity and a better process to create trainings and hold meetings. I am using the tools and information you have given me to develop staff training (I refer to the handout quite a bit!). I am really excited about the upcoming trainings you will be doing for the YWCA. I have also asked my supervisor to take a few other workshops that you offer. Thank you for giving me such great information!

      Kristie Cieslak, YWCA of the Mohawk Valley

      Judith Epstein, MS
      We enjoyed the educational session and know that the participants walked away with tangible lessons.

      Deb recently conducted a training session with the faculty and staff at Roswell Park Cancer Institute and provided a great presentation, engaging the audience with humor and a lively discussion. We learned about our habits, heard wonderful hands-on tips using both digital and paper, while learning to balance our work and personal lives. Our class participants set goals, both personal and professional, and made a commitment to ourselves to improve our time management with proactive processes. We enjoyed the educational session and know that the participants walked away with tangible lessons, tools to use to improve their responsiveness to “customers” and insight into making their lives more productive.

      Judith Epstein, MS, CRA Director, Grant and Foundation Development, CCSG Administrator for the Roswell Park Cancer Institute – Buffalo, NY

      Amy Grover
      Deb’s time and expertise is invaluable, for yourself and your company!

      Deb is enthusiastic, engaging, and incredibly knowledgeable. With every presentation she offers quick, easy tips to get you and/or your employees hitting the ground running. Her time and expertise is invaluable, for yourself and your company!

      Amy Grover, Wellness Coordinator, Syracuse Orthopedic Specialists – Syracuse, NY

      Linda Wimmer
      Deb was very personable!

      Deb delivered a presentation entitled The Multi-Tasking Myth that our staff really enjoyed. After realizing the amount of time that can be wasted when you are not focused, many of our staff said they will be trying the Pomodoro Technique and other strategies that Deb taught us. Deb was very personable and staff were eager to ask questions and share their own experiences.

      Linda Wimmer, Cornell Cooperative Extension of Oneida County

      Toni Walsh
      What I love about Deb is that she takes the time to find out your needs and tailored her training specifically to our requests.

      The Alzheimer’s Association has used Deb Cabral and DC Efficiency Consulting to provide personal and professional development to our staff for the past few years. What I love about Deb is that she takes the time to find out your needs and tailored her training specifically to our requests. She learns about our business and uses examples that are relatable to our staff’s day to day life. She is an engaging speaker who uses energy, humor and confidence in her presentations. We highly recommend her services.

      Toni Walsh, Chief Strategy Officer, Alzheimer’s Association – Central New York

      Janice Mancuse
      Deb’s contagious optimism kept our staff engaged and her flexibility and responsiveness made her a reliable ally in achieving our training and development goals!

      “Over the last two years Deb delivered a comprehensive Leadership Training series for our organization. The monthly half-day classes were strongly attended and offered an excellent learning pathway for our current and emerging leaders. Deb also conducted on-site hour long sessions at each of our locations, allowing our staff to receive convenient training without compromising our availability to our members. When we were searching for micro-learning training options, Deb and her team created and let us pilot her Learning on the Go! modules. This library of short videos brought Deb’s energy and knowledge to a platform that could be utilized by all our staff whenever they had a short window of time to work on their development. Deb’s contagious optimism kept our staff engaged and her flexibility and responsiveness made her a reliable ally in achieving our training and development goals!

      Janice Mancuse, Training Supervisor, AmeriCU Credit Union – Central New York

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